Intro, Part 11: Each Post will Identify Audience

Here at the Well Designed URLs Initiative we plan to address a wide audience and cover a plethora of URL-related topics. If it wasn’t obvious from yesterday’s post we plan to publish content for a variety of roles so we will categorize all our posts by the audience we are targeting.

Using our audience categories you can subscribe to our RSS feed then configure your feed reader to filter out all but those topics which are likely to appeal to you so as not to be overwhelmed by the rest. Some of our audience categories encompass other categories such as Everyone and Internet Professionals so we’ll plan to tag only the highest level category that applies to avoid duplication. For example, if you are a web developer you might want to filter out all but the Everyone and Internet Professionals, and Web Developers categories. Of course, if that’s too much trouble just subscribe to our entire feed and just ignore those posts that don’t interest you.

The following is the list of categories we’ve set up by audience role:

NOTE: If you read this post shortly after it is published, most of those links above will just redisplay this post. Let me explain. Because of the way our WordPress blog software works, those links would have displayed a 404 Not Found error if no posts existed for the given category. To avoid that I’ve tagged this post with all audience categories contradicting what I said above; that we would only put a post in its highest level category. Moving forward we shouldn’t need to do this again.

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