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Bitten by the URI Opacity Axiom

  Jon Udel has a post today entitled Divergent citation-indexing paths. Funny that he wrote about this; it seems he and I are on such a parallel trajectory these days. For evidence, take a look at my post from last … Continue reading

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Best Practice: Always ID your Heading Tags

Here’s a simple best practice. Always ID your heading tags! For example, if you’ve got an <h2> element, be sure to make it <h2 id=”some-heading”>. IDing heading tags is especially important on long documents. Why? Because if you don’t, someone … Continue reading

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Help Expose the URLs that Suck!

Something that would be fun would be to see a list of the top 10 worst designed URLs on the web, a.k.a. URLs that Suck! You know the type, you cringe when you see ‘em, especially if you frequently use … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Delicious Praise

I learned an interesting lesson about URLs and social software; change your article’s URL or publish it under multiple cases, even with 301 redirects, and you’ll end up with fragmented references. Back in August 2005 I published the article “Well … Continue reading

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Proposing URI Templates for WebForms 2.0

I recently had an off-list email conversation with Ian Hickson, the editor of the Web Application Hypertext Technology Working Group specifications (i.e. HTML5 and WebForms 2.0). I was proposing to him that the current WebForms 2.0 be draft specification be … Continue reading

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Intro, Part 15: About URLQuiz

As a way to gather a broad spectrum of opinion and engage the community on many different URL-related topics, we’ll be offering a URLQuiz from time to time. Inspired by and patterned after Dan Cederholm‘s very well received SimpleQuiz series, … Continue reading

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Intro, Part 14: About our URL Structure

  For our web applications — our website, wiki, blog, and future forums — we chose to segment each by sub-domain; “wiki.”, “blog.”, and “forums.”, respectively. Rather than having subdirectories underneath the root of our www domain such as “/wiki/”, … Continue reading

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Intro, Part 13: The Web Apps We Use

Here’s a run down of the web application software we are using or planning to use for the Well Designed URLs Initiative: Blog At “blog.” is running WordPress using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. We have direct experience with WordPress, … Continue reading

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Intro, Part 12: Major Topics from Different Angles

One of our plans is look at major topics from many different angles. Though this will allow us to revisit an issue numerous times, our main reason for covering topics in this manner is that making sure our coverage is … Continue reading

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About URI Templates

Probably one of the most interesting projects related to URL Design on which anyone is currently working is the URI Templates project spearheaded by Joe Gregorio of IBM. While not sexy and not something most end users will ever see, infrastructure … Continue reading

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Introducing URI Templates

I decided to rename this post About URI Templates. Follow the link to see the post.

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Intro, Part 1a: The Unsung URL

NOTE: To see why this is labeled “Part 1a” see [1]. Although many people view the URL to be a rather obscure little creature, the URL is the arguably the most important of the web’s three essential legs; the “First … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I’m taking the day off but wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year hoping 2007 will be everyone own best year yet!

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