Intro, Part 15: About URLQuiz

As a way to gather a broad spectrum of opinion and engage the community on many different URL-related topics, we’ll be offering a URLQuiz from time to time. Inspired by and patterned after Dan Cederholm‘s very well received SimpleQuiz series, we’ll take a simple URL Design question, present a few different alternate approaches, and ask readers to weigh in on which they believe to be the best and why.

Dan proved that his SimpleQuiz was very effective at quickly emerging a consensus for a best practice when a consensus was possible. Building on Dan’s pioneering efforts, we hope to leverage his technique to address the constantly debated issues in URL Design and hopefully arrive at some consensuses of opinion on URL-relates issues ourselves.

So look for the first URLQuiz, part of an ongoing series, here at the Well Designed URLs Initiative blog in the near future.

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