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Seeing things the way in which one wants them to be (not the way they are)

Throughout history there have been people who only saw things as they wanted them to be. People with strongly held beliefs whose values guided their actions be they counter-productive, detrimental, or worse just plain wrong; nothing mattered but to believe … Continue reading

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Which is Worst: the URL for IE7 Add-ons, Firefox Extensions, or Greasemonkey?

I am working on a project that had me was writing about browser plug-ins and I needed to link to the main page for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Add-ons, for Firefox’s Extensions, and lastly for Greasemonkey for Firefox.  I actually looked up … Continue reading

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Help Expose the URLs that Suck!

Something that would be fun would be to see a list of the top 10 worst designed URLs on the web, a.k.a. URLs that Suck! You know the type, you cringe when you see ‘em, especially if you frequently use … Continue reading

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