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URLQuiz #2: URL Equivalence and Cachability

This is quiz #2 of our ongoing URLQuiz series. In this quiz, there are 26 pairs of URLs (A..Z) and for each pair the questions is: “Which of these two URLs are equivlent?” i.e. which return the same resource when … Continue reading

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URLQuiz #1: To .WWW or not to .WWW?

As promised, this is the first of what will be many URLQuizes here are the blog for The Well Designed URLs Initiative. This URLQuiz discusses the convention of using a subdomain with the name ‘www‘ to identify a website. As … Continue reading

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Intro, Part 15: About URLQuiz

As a way to gather a broad spectrum of opinion and engage the community on many different URL-related topics, we’ll be offering a URLQuiz from time to time. Inspired by and patterned after Dan Cederholm‘s very well received SimpleQuiz series, … Continue reading

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