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URL Quote #3: Wikipedia’s URLs a reason for their success?

“Wikipedia’s URL spaces are highly elegant; I suspect it’s one of the reason’s Wikipdedia is successful” -Bill de hOra on “Wikipedia’s Highly Elegant URLs“

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URL Quote #2: Think about your website’s “public face.”

“…one should take an hour or so and really think about their website’s ‘public face.’” -Scott Hanselman on “A Website’s Public Face“

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URLQuiz #2: URL Equivalence and Cachability

This is quiz #2 of our ongoing URLQuiz series. In this quiz, there are 26 pairs of URLs (A..Z) and for each pair the questions is: “Which of these two URLs are equivlent?” i.e. which return the same resource when … Continue reading

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Sorry Mark; URL Design DOES matter!

I was planning to blog something else today, but Mark Nottingham of Yahoo made a statement about URL Design¬†[1] in his post entitled REST Issues, Real and Imagined and I simply could not let his statement without comment. But first … Continue reading

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SEO: Illuminating the value of URL design If you’ve read many of our other posts here at The Well Designed URLs Initiative, you know that we are strong advocates for User-Centered URL Design as well as for URL Literacy. It’s … Continue reading

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Bitten by the URI Opacity Axiom

¬† Jon Udel has a post today entitled Divergent citation-indexing paths. Funny that he wrote about this; it seems he and I are on such a parallel trajectory these days. For evidence, take a look at my post from last … Continue reading

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